Read Local: The Girl in the Mirror by Rose Carlyle

Hello, my name is Staci Stanton and welcome to Read Local, my video book review for In the Stacks. Today’s review is The Girl in the Mirror by Rose Carlyle. Iris and Summer Carmichael are mirror twins, but Iris has always felt her sister was prettier, nicer, and well, better, in every way. To make matters worse, their wealthy father has left a fortune to his plethora of children, or rather only one child. This child will be the first to give birth to the Carmichael heir. When Summer marries and takes a honeymoon cruise on the family yacht, Iris is unexpectedly asked to sail Bathsheba home after an emergency interrupts the couple’s newly wedded bliss. What happens once Iris is on board the yacht and the series of events that follow will have you shaking your head in disbelief and maybe even biting a fingernail or two. Check out the debut novel, The Girl in the Mirror by Rose Carlyle in the stacks at your local library.

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