Ask A Librarian: Adele

Guest Librarian In the Stacks: Adele Fasick

The Same 5 Questions We Ask Everyone

1. What’s the best thing about being a Librarian?

The best thing about having been a librarian over several decades has been being on the forefront of the information revolution. I’ve participated as our ways of finding information have changed from searching through a limited, print-based collection, to searching through a mass of digital information presented in both text and images.

2. What role(s) you see Libraries taking in the future?

Libraries in the future will play an ever- larger role in taming the masses of data available online and in print. Libraries will be centers where individuals can find exactly the kind of book or image or digital information they need and are ready for.

3. What’s your Librarian Superpower?

My superpower is serving as a bridge between people’s needs and the materials available anywhere in the world.

4. In what ways has your job become Digital?

The job has become digital because so much of the world’s art and information is collected, stored, accessed and provided in digital format. But librarians are not exclusively concerned with format. Personal interactions are still at the heart of being a librarian.

5. What are your Top 5 favorite books?

I couldn’t possibly name just five. My favorite book is almost always the one I’m reading right now. At the moment I’m just finishing Lab Girl by Hope Jahren and finding it fascinating. Another favorite that I read recently is How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia by Mohsin Hamid.