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Shooting In the Stacks

Any YA authors or librarians who want to create a new video series with me? We’re starting production soon for 2016! Email

We’ll be shooting on location, beginning in the Bay Area. We have 2 or 3 formats to start with, and are looking for collaborators, authors to interview, and librarians to co-host. Interested? Let’s talk.


The Librarians In the Stacks will be at the American Library Association conference in San Francisco! Stop by the mobile app pavilion, check out our demo, and sign up for our private beta.

Back from BookExpo America with Great Feedback

We had an amazing experience presenting and pitching the Librarian Brain and our other expertly curated book discovery products at BEA in New York. It was inspiring to be in the company of other book lovers, coders, and digital innovators who are helping paper make the transition to digital.

It’s very encouraging to connect with other people who recognize librarians for the book experts we are. This is just the beginning of our story. More Soon—Michelle

In the Stacks @ SXSW Interactive 2016 Panel Picker

Beginning August 10 through September 4, vote for the Librarians In the Stacks for SXSW Interactive 2016.

Watch this space and our social media for more information. In the meantime, here’s our submission:

In the Stacks Future15: Connecting Librarians & Booklovers

At the Stacks, we’re bringing the Librarian Brains out of the library. Some call it outbound reader’s advisory. We call it book discovery curated by some of the best book brains available: Librarians.

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