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About Us

In the Stacks combines top librarian book picks with users' reading preferences to provide book recommendations and allows users to locate books nearby and online. Powered by expert content from The Librarian Brain database, both the ITS app and plugin are perfect tools for voracious, eBook-loving readers looking for their next favorite read to devour on their electronic devices. Connecting book lovers with curated librarian-endorsed picks in a whole new way, ITS is redefining the role of the librarian in today’s digital landscape.

Created by librarian Michelle Zaffino in 2008, In the Stacks features videos of Michelle’s and guest librarians’ reviews of books currently out there in the stacks. All genres are covered, but the primary focus is on contemporary fiction, including romance, young adult, teen, literary, mystery, fantasy, and some non-fiction and memoir. The Librarian Brain made its debut in 2015.

The In the Stacks Mission

At In the Stacks, we believe not just in books, but in the joy of book discovery. Our mission is to bring together booklovers, writers, and librarians in a way that harvests the essence of what a book is about. We are a platform for booklovers to connect, writers to share, and librarians to review. Because 100% of readers believe that reviews from librarians are more valuable than any other source, we have partnered with librarian experts from around the world, carefully curating an expansive collection of meaningful information. Through story, travel, cooking, politics, philosophy, and history, we strive to change lives by combing through the morass of data in order to help you make your next book the perfect fit. We see our partnership with librarians as critical to our success and consequently want the libraries in which they work to thrive. To that end, every time you purchase a book reviewed by a librarian, In the Stacks will donate 1% of the purchase price to the library in which the librarian is employed. Here’s to book lovers, writers, librarians, and discovery. With Gratitude –The In the Stacks Founders

Librarian book recommedations are valued among Amazon users: 100% of users who have an account on Amazon feel book recommendations from Librarians are more valuable than reviews from Amazon (Source: User testing @ FactoryX Academy). In the Stacks aims to create change through discovering impactful stories that improve the lives of readers both inside and outside the brick-and-mortar library. Our mission is to create a new way of helping users traverse the divide between the traditional and the digital worlds of publishing and library science. We work to challenge the traditional definition of a library, and innovate new and better ways to connect book consumers with book producers.

Our main audience includes people who read romance and young adult novels, and whether they are bloggers, librarians, or everyday book consumers our mission is the same—to offer a new and dynamic way to connect readers with storytelling. Our app is created and curated by library and publishing professionals and our users benefit from having industry experts continually updating material to stay on top of the latest trends and hottest books. Our aim is to be the go-to source for book recommendations and reviews and our unique app will become an indispensable resource created by experts, and used by everyone.

Who's In the Stacks

Michelle Zaffino, American published author, Information Architect, UX content consultant, digital librarian and book lover is the founder of In the Stacks. In the Stacks provides personalized book recommendations through its website, mobile and web apps. Michelle also shares her weekly storytelling tips on #writerwednesday.

I Like Big Books Podcast is all about big, ambitious and epic reads of over 500 pages, from A Game of Thrones to I am Radar. Hosted by Shoshanna the librarian.

Amytha & Sarah, aka the CardiganRippers, are behind this Romance Novel Podcast, which breathes all things romance. From time-travel, fantasy, to contemporary romance reads, these two librarians have recommendations on a variety of romance books.

The librarians of Santa Clara County Library District, SCCLD, provide their 5Faves from group reads, to delicious dessert pics, poetry gems, audiobooks and more.

Evan Williamson is the mastermind and snarky librarian behind the Banned Library Podcast, “the worst library on the internet covering books banned or challenged and things in the dark stacks.”

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Are you a book lover who is passionate about sharing books with others? Are you interested in introducing people to insightful ideas and new worlds? Then we want you In the Stacks! Please contact info@inthestacks.tv for more information on how you can submit book content.