The Librarian Brain

Book Recommendation Products fueled by the Librarian Brain

Currently in private beta, our mobile-first web, mobile & tablet app and subscription-based Librarian List gives users Top 5 Book Picks generated by a Librarian Brain database full of choices from Librarian Book Experts, for human-based curation of book discovery.

A database for book recommendations, created by the Librarians In the Stacks

The Librarian Brain database aggregates book reviews from top Librarians, providing a ranked list of recommendations, using a recommender algorithm, and scaling to AI, to train the Brain to think like a Librarian Book Expert. We've compiled a carefully curated set of thousands of records of book data into the Librarian Brain, creating valuable training data for machine learning. Librarian Brain data scaling plan available upon request.

Enterprise clients can license our Librarian Brain database. Book bloggers, indie publishers and writers subscribe to the book recommendation list and offer visitors Top 5 Book Picks within their digital experience, and where to borrow or buy, curated especially for them by Librarian book experts. Refine book discovery on any website, from book blogs to enterprise, embedded in eBooks or on digital platforms, to give your book browsers exactly what they're looking for. Available in colors to match your theme, in basic code or customized. More details upon request.

Why Librarians? We're the Ultimate Book Experts

Librarians read 3x more books than anyone else on the planet. We've been reviewing books for hundreds of years, and tagging metadata for decades. We're trained to be experts in reader's advisory, and In the Stacks is a new source for outbound reader's advisory. Pick the Librarian Brain & let us find your next read for you.

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