In the Stacks Episode 29: The Cardturner by Louis Sachar

A video book review of The Cardturner by Louis Sachar. Purchase the book on Bookshop here, and on Amazon here.

"For as long as Alton can remember, his parents have forced him to kiss up to his rich Uncle Trapp so that they’ll be remembered in his will. Since Trapp’s ill and legally blind, Alton drives him to his bridge club four nights a week and becomes his cardturner. It’s exactly how it sounds -- Trapp sits over his shoulder and tells Alton which cards to play. Alton becomes his eyes for him.

"Trapp passes more onto Alton than card tricks. It’s the story that matters here and what the metaphor is for the game of bridge: A bridge between generations? Life and death? This world and the next?" —Michelle Z. from In the

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