In the Stacks Episode 85: Uncommon Criminals by Ally Carter

A video book review of Uncommon Criminals by Ally Carter. Purchase the book on Bookshop here, and on Amazon here.  

"Katarina returns for another mission. She’s made a habit of recovering great works of art confiscated by the Nazis and returning them to their rightful owners. She hopes this sets her apart from her family of thieves. She’s a criminal—but an uncommon one.

"Then an elderly woman approaches her about the Cleopatra emerald, a 97-carat jewel that’s half of the stone the Queen of Egypt gave Marc Antony. Until the two halves are reunited, there’s a curse on it. And when Kat goes after the emerald there’s one on her, too. She gets conned and the tables are turned." -- Michelle Z. from In the

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