Read Local: Lock Every Door by Riley Sager

Presenting Read Local: Lock Every Door by Riley Sager. Reviewed by Staci Stanton for In the Stacks. Purchase the book on Bookshop here.

"Hello, my name is Staci and I’m doing a review for Read Local for In the Stacks. Today’s review is Lock Every Door by Riley Sager. This is a follow up to my review of Riley Sager’s first novel, Final Girls. In Lock Every Door we are introduced to residents at an historic and elite apartment building called the Bartholomew. Now most of the Residents prefer their anonymity and privacy with the exception of the Bartholomew’s newest resident, Jules. Jules has just lost her job, her boyfriend and has no place to live. And she agrees without hesitation to live in the Bartholomew for a few months and she will receive a significant amount of money for her troubles. She must obey all of the rules of living in this apartment building which does include no visitors. Jules doesn’t hesitate and moves right in. But shortly after she discovers that the Bartholomew has a sordid history where people have disappeared or been the victim of worse circumstances. Soon Jules is fighting for her life and trying not to be the Bartholomew’s latest victim. And just when you think you have it figured out, in true Riley Sager fashion, there’s a twist that you won’t see coming. Check out Lock Every Door in the stacks at your local library."

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