Read Local: Little Secrets by Jennifer Hillier

Presenting Read Local: Little Secrets by Jennifer Hillier. Reviewed by Staci Stanton for In the Stacks.

Hey everyone. I'm Staci Stanton and welcome back to my video book review, Read Local, for In The Stacks. Today's review is Jennifer Hillier's new release, Little Secrets. I previously reviewed her debut novel, Jar of Hearts and I can safely say I was not disappointed in her latest effort. We meet Marin more than a year after the kidnapping of her 4 year old son Sebastian. Despite a successful business and an equally successful husband, Marin cannot move on and accept that her son is gone. Frustrated with the lack of progress by law enforcement, Marin has hired a private investigator who has not had any news to report, until recently. But when Marin finds out her husband is having an affair, the information has given her a new lease on life, which is to take away someone else's. The reader will not be able to put this book down until the very end, when we see how little secrets have a way of doing a lot of harm. Check out Little Secrets by Jennifer Hillier in the stacks at your local library.


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