Read Local: The Stranger Inside by Lisa Unger

Presenting Read Local: The Stranger Inside by Lisa Unger. Reviewed by Staci Stanton for In the Stacks. Purchase the book on Bookshop here.

Hello, my name is Staci Stanton and welcome back to Read Local, my video book review for In the Stacks. Today's review is Lisa Unger's newest title, The Stranger Inside. We meet Rain Winter as a new mom who left behind a successful career in journalism to stay at home with her baby. When a suspected serial murderer makes the headlines, Rain's drawn towards the story, a story that may have roots in her own childhood and escape from a killer. As she digs deeper into the murders, Rain must confront the truth of her past if she hopes to survive to enjoy a future with her family. Check out The Stranger Inside by Lisa Unger in the stacks at your local library.  

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