Elizabeth’s Mini Library: Fable by Adrienne Young

Presenting Elizabeth's Mini Library: Fable by Adrienne Young. Reviewed by Libby Goby for In the Stacks. 

Hey everyone! I'm Libby Goby and welcome to my video book review for In The Stacks. Todays review is Fable by Adrienne Young. This was the first book by Adrienne Young that I've read, but I was taken with Fable's story from page one. Fable has been abandoned on an island where the only inhabitants are thieves. It has been four years since the most powerful man who sails the seas left her there, four years since she saw her father. Utilizing the skills and tools taught to her by her mother, Fable scavenges the reef of the island of thieves for gems to trade for gold. She is going to buy passage off the dangerous island and find her way back to her rightful place- on the crew for her father. Check out Fable by Adrienne Young to be pulled into a world of pirates, thieves, and cunning plots. 


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