The Birds Word with Robin: Favorite Neil Gaiman Titles Book Round Up

Presenting The Birds Word with Robin: Favorite Neil Gaiman Titles Book Round Up. Reviewed by Robin Wasilewski for In the Stacks.

Hi, my name is Robin and today I’ll be reviewing three of my favorite Neil Gaiman books the first book I am going to be discussing is Stardust. This follows the main character, Trista, as he ventures out to bring back a fallen star to impress a girl in his village. However, to bring the star back, he must venture over the wall into a magical town where he'll be racing against evil witches and 3 princes who also want the star. The second book is Neverwhere. After one of the main characters, Michael, helps an injured woman named door, strange things start happening in his life. Michael ends up finding himself on a quest in a parallel world trying to regain his old life back. The third book is Good Omens. This book is about an angel and demon who work together to stop the apocalypse. There are also other character stories woven in that tie back to the main plot. This book is funny and keeps you guessing until the very end as to what will happen.





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