Elizabeth’s Mini Library: Challenger Deep by Neal Shusterman

Presenting Elizabeth's Mini Library: Challenger Deep by Neal Shusterman. Reviewed by Libby Goby for In the Stacks.

Hello again! I’m Libby and I’m going to review Challenger Deep by Neal Shusterman for IntheStacks.tv. Caden Bosch is starting to believe in many things, only his friends and family do not seem to think that everything he believes is true. He tries to explain to them the kid he’s never spoken to does want to hurt him, that he is no longer inside of himself but in the floors and in the walls, and that he is scared that if he thinks about it too much he can cause an earthquake in China.

Caden Bosch is struggling to believe both the pirate and the parrot on his shoulder. He knows that the mission is important, that the discovery is important, but the ship is as changing as the tides and he does not now exactly what to believe in anymore. Caden tries to survive the Captain and the Parrot, his journey takes him across dangerous waters and parallels his journey and experiences in the mental hospital. His journey is full of hard choices and indecision, how is he suppose to make a choice when he cannot tell what is real?

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