The Birds Word with Robin: Dark Fantasy and Action Manga Roundup

Presenting The Birds Word with Robin: A roundup featuring books in the manga genre. Reviewed by Robin Wasilewski for In the Stacks. 

This review will discuss Attack on Titan Colossal edition one, Death Note the All in One Edition, and One Punch Man book one.

Attack on Titan Colossal Edition one by Hajime Isayama is a collection of five manga. It introduces you the AOT universe and the main characters, there are a ton of characters in this story so I'm not going to be discussing all of them. The main story is that there are these giant humanoids who kill people with what appears to be no reason. There haven’t been attacks in over a century and there are walls built around cities to keep them out, until a new Titan shows up knocking down the walls.

Death Note the All in One Edition by Tsugumi Ohba is the complete collection of the Death Note mange. The main character, Light, is a student who finds a notebook called the Death Note that was left by a Shinigami Death God. Once a name is written in the Death Note, that person will die. Light decides to use this book to create a better world by writing the names of criminals in the book, but when an investigation starts regarding these mysterious murders he starts using the Death Note to protect himself instead.

One Punch Man by Yusuke Murata this is not a collection this is the first book of the entire series. the story is a little difficult to describe with the first book because there isn’t much detail, but you are introduced to Saitama who is a hero for fun, and you find out that he kills monsters with one punch.

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