The Birds Word with Robin: Manga and Graphic Novels Roundup

Presenting The Birds Word with Robin: A roundup featuring books in the manga and graphic novel genre. Reviewed by Robin Wasilewski for In the Stacks. 

I'll be discussing 3 titles, the first being a manga called What a Wonderful World by Inio Asano Volume one, the second is a graphic novel called Drinking at the Movies by Julia Wertz, and the last is a graphic novel called The Gigantic Beard that Was Evil by Stephen Collins

What a Wonderful World is a collection of stories where all the characters are connected in some way. Not all the stories are happy, but that’s not the point of this graphic novel. It’s showing how all the characters are just trying to make it through life in their own way

Drinking at the movies is about how the main character and author Julia decides to take a chance and moves from California to NYC. She talks about her struggles as well as how much of a culture shock she had after her move. Though the author had some difficult times, she found a way to put a humorous spin on the experience. 

In the graphic novel The Gigantic beard that was Evil, the main character Dave has been bald his entire life. He also lives on an island where nothing should ever be out of place and no one has facial hair. Until pone day during a meeting Dave grows a beard that will not stop growing no matter what he does. Strange things start happening and the people on the island start to think of getting rid of Dave if they can’t get rid of the beard.

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