Words Fitly Spoken: The Alice Network by Kate Quinn

Hello! I am Laura Stewart here to review _The Alice Network__ by _Kate Quinn__ for in the stacks.

Toggling between the stories of two strong women, this book shows the life of a female spy during World War One and the life of a female trying to strike her own path through the world without the assistance of men during 1947.

Eve is an amazing girl who was recruited as a spy due to her ability to speak three languages fluently, and for her stutter which deemed her dim-witted. Eve was in fact very smart and proved it during her time as a spy.

The “Little Problem” Charlie has needs to be dealt with soon but first she must find her cousin Rose who has been missing for the past three years.

The stories intertwine as Eve helps Charlie. Charlie helps Eve, and Finn, the handsome, brooding Scott, helps them both. Tooling around France in a persnickety Lagonda LG6, this story unravels slowly, and is to be savored.

What women could do back in the early 1900s and 1940s compared to today’s world is a stark reminder of how far women have come. But understanding what women did for the war effort with hardly any recognition is incomprehensible.

This book is a nod to the Alice network and the great things they accomplished.


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