Novel Culture Podcast Quick Review: Working Out West by Lila Rose

Presenting Novel Culture Podcast's Quick Review: Working Out West by Lila Rose. Reviewed by Desiree Rose with Novel Culture Podcast. 

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Hey, I am Desiree and this is Novel Culture Podcast’s Quick Review. Today I will be reviewing Working Out West by Lila Rose, the third book in the Polished P & P series. This series is a gay romance series that revolves around three friends, an escort service, and a motorcycle club. In Working Out West, college student West Millbrook decides to work for his friend's escort service to make money for college because his incredibly religious and strict parents refuse to help him pay for college since he chooses to move away from home rather than attend the local community college. The story begins with West going to meet his very first client, a gorgeous Russian man by the name of Adrik who steals his heart on the first date. West’s expectations of getting paid to date lonely men being an easy way to earn money are shattered when he starts to fall for one of his clients. This book is full of romance, action, and a building relationship between two men who met under not-so-ideal circumstances. If you are looking for a gay romance full of action, sweet men, strong characters, and overcoming physical and emotional baggage, then this book is for you. I absolutely loved this book, but I must warn you ahead of time, there are some very hard scenes to read. This book contains torture scenes that may be triggering to readers, so be advised if torture Is a trigger for you, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK. 

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