Words Fitly Spoken: Anxious People by Fredrik Backman

Hello! I am Laura Stewart here to review _Anxious People__ by _ Fredrik Backman__ for in the stacks.

The first five chapters of this book made me – anxious. The author begins his story by telling us not to think about what he is writing and then acknowledges that of course now we will think about it.

He proceeds to introduce readers to the main characters with just enough information enticing the reader to continue the story.

And what a story he weaves. The characters may or may not be connected in a beautiful web that only humans can create. This book reminds us all how vulnerable the human heart is and what a difficult journey life exacts upon us all.

I began reading this story with no pre-conceived notions on what the book is about. I hope you do the same. I am sure you will resonate more with the characters than you initially think you might, as all people have more in common than what first meets the eyes.



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