Novel Culture Podcast Quick Review: Detached by Elicia Hyder

Presenting Novel Culture Podcast's Quick Review: Detached by Elicia Hyder. Reviewed by Desiree Rose with Novel Culture Podcast.

Hey, I am Desiree, and this is Novel Culture Podcast’s Quick Reviews. Today I will be reviewing Detached by Elicia Hyder. Detached is the first book in the Saphera Nyx Series, a psychic thriller novel with a main character with a surprising gift. This book starts following police officer, Corporal Saphera Nyx on duty with her team patrolling Sapphire Lake, a small Nevada mountain town located between Tahoe and Carson City. The book kicks off with a boom when Nyx is called to a crime scene that feels vaguely familiar and has her worried that history might be repeating itself. As the story progresses, we learn about her parents and the crime that sent them to jail, a “gift” that will pass from her father to his first-born child that allows for them to “detach” their spirit from their body at will, and the dark legacy of her family tree. The problems begin when Nyx gets a spirit visit from her father warning her of his imminent demise and the potential drama that will follow. To everyone’s surprise, the gift that should have passed to her older brother passes to her instead. The story follows Nyx struggling to control a gift she never wanted while trying to learn more about the dark legacy her father has left her. This book is full of spirits, a strong ex-military heroine who spent her life trying to avoid the mistakes of her criminal parents, and a “gift” that feels more like a curse. If you like urban fantasy novels filled with action and adventure that reads like a cop drama had a baby with a ghost story, then this book is definitely for you.

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