Novel Culture Podcast Quick Review: Nathan by Carly Marie

Presenting Novel Culture Podcast's Quick Review: Nathan by Carly Marie. Reviewed by Desiree Rose with Novel Culture Podcast.

Hey, I am Desiree and this is Novel Culture Podcast’s Quick Review. Today, I will be reviewing Nathan by Carly Marie, the second book in the Johnson Family Rules Series. The Johnson Family Rules Series is a gay romance series with BDSM elements that focuses on members of the Johnson family. Nathan focuses on one of the brothers, Nathan Johnson, a lawyer who seems to be perpetually in a bad mood and thrives on being in control. The story begins with Nathan’s mother hiring a new Attorney without consulting him after he spent weeks interviewing another potential candidate for the position. Elliot, the new attorney, is trying to rebuild his life after it completely falls apart. He spent years trying to fulfill his parents' plan for him, however, after years of trying he is completely miserable. He is gay and has been hiding in the closet his whole life. Elliot and Nathan feel drawn to each other from the very beginning, however, Nathan ignores his feelings and tries to run Elliot off and take back the control he lost when his mother hired Elliot. His plan comes to a screeching halt when Nathan sees Elliot at the local gay club owned by his parents. While Elliot attempts to learn about the kinky community in order to help Nathan usher in a new, more Kink friendly, era in his law firm, he learns his interest is more personal than he could have ever imagined. This book is full of romance, exploration, and two people who fall in love while learning new things about themselves. If you like gay romance novels with a gruff Dom and a struggling 3-something trying to pick up the pieces of his failed life while learning to accept who he is, apologize for the things he has done in his past, and open up to a new dynamic then this is the book for you. 

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