Novel Culture Podcast Quick Review: Ruin by Lila Rose

Presenting Novel Culture Podcast's Quick Review: Ruin by Lila Rose. Reviewed by Desiree Rose with Novel Culture Podcast.

Hey, I'm Desiree and this is Novel Culture Podcast’s Quick Review. Today I will be reviewing Ruin by Lila Rose, the second book in the Hawks MC next generation series, a Motorcycle club romance series that features all types of romance. This series is a spinoff of the original Hawks Mc series, featuring the children from some of the books in the original series. This one, in particular, is a gay romance novel with fewer MC elements than normal, however features a love interest who is the head of a Japanese crime syndicate. This story follows Joshua “Ruin” May, a seemingly straight man who is trying to make up for being a jerk to a friend. He follows Mimi home to Melbourne to see her dying father at the request of her brother Wolf, the new head of the Takahashi crime family.  As the story progresses, Ruin finds himself having conflicting and confusing feelings for Wolf, finding himself not only attracted to a man for the first time in his life but also possessive and jealous for the first time in his life. This story was absolutely amazing. I LOVED IT. Don't get me wrong, I love every book in this series, but this one is currently tied as my favorite. There was action, and steam and interpersonal drama to keep you on your toes but not set as the main conflict of the book. Out of the one hundred and eight books I have read this year, this is easily in my top five favorites if not the top three. If you have read the other Hawks MC books and haven't gotten to Ruin yet, PUT DOWN THE BOOK YOU ARE READING AND READ THIS. if you haven't read a Hawks MC book, go and start with Holding Out by Lila Rose! 


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